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Here are regular organisations that use our centre. For any information about their services please contact them directly.

Children's tuition

Susan Daughtery education

11+ courses

Value learning 
11+ courses

Special Offer 5% discount
Temi - Value learning 5% discoutnt poster.jpg

New class starting September 2023  run by
S-Cube  Maths Years 7/8/9 and GCSE Maths Prepraration Years 10&11


S-Cube poster.jpg

Support groups

MS Society
contact Rosie Tocock email:

MS society web picture.png

Health and wellbeing

Yoga Jelena poster.jpg
Jelena beginners yoga.jpg

New Pilates class starting Mondays 7-8pm
First class Monday 8th January 2024
£10 per session

Michelle Pilates poster.jpg

 Gut Health Event

Nayan Mistry event 29 Feb.jpg

Art Classes with Jonathan Newey

Jonathan newey A4 poster.jpg
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